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All training provided by LMRR is tailored to your organisation's requirements and will be specific to the jurisdictions in which your organisation operates.

Tailored training

LMRR can deliver bespoke face-to- face training sessions or packages for your organisation. 

  • We have substantial experience as regulators and commercial experience within a variety of firms and provide clear and concise training sessions tailored to each client’s needs
  • Areas of training include: 

    • Board responsibilities for directors and NEDs

    • Risk Management and the Board

    • Conduct risk in firms

    • MLRO/ MLCO/Compliance Officer/ NO training

    • All staff AML training/ refresher sessions

    • Senior Management training

    • How a firm's own policies and procedures can be applied to the regulatory framework

    • Data Protection including GDPR

    • Overview of the Guernsey Regulatory framework and environment for non Guernsey based staff 

  • Training can be tailored to a firm's own policies and procedures, as well as covering relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

Please contact us for more information on how LMRR can design, deliver and report on the effectiveness of your training.


Training on regulatory, data protection, compliance and financial crime requirements, including bespoke tailored sessions to enable boards and senior management to meet their additional responsibilities.

Through the LearnMRR portal we use a blended-learning approach to provide both online and face-to-face training. We ensure that all staff are assessed both before and after the training to ensure its effectiveness and measure the value added to each participant, as well as the organisation itself.

The LearnMRR Portal is an online learning platform and is part of LMRR's blended-learning strategy. To ensure the most effective outcomes from our training, we deliver all or some of the following strategies in all our courses and sessions:

  • Self-paced study

  • Integrated online tutorials

  • Face-to-face workshops

  • Investigative assignments with a range of formal and informal assessments during the learning process in order to modify and improve teaching and learning activities

  • Certified assessments to evaluate student learning at the end of a level unit by comparing it against performance in tests before the training takes place.

LMRR have developed a comprehensive learning framework that is specifically relevant to regulatory compliance, data protection and financial crime. It is founded on fundamental educational principles and is based on the UK National Occupational Standards in both Compliance and Financial Crime.

For example, the financial crime framework has three levels:

  • Level 1 | Staff and Refresher
  • Level 2 | Compliance Officers and MLROs
  • Level 3 | Directors and Senior Management

All training provided by LMRR is tailored to your organisation's requirements and will be specific to the jurisdictions in which your organisation operates.

For example, the Level 1 programme in Financial Crime has five modules:

  • Module 1 | Key Legislation and Regulations
  • Module 2 | Your Organisation’s Risk Framework
  • Module 3 | Your Organisation’s Policies and Procedures
  • Module 4 | Identifying Non-compliant activity
  • Module 5 | Summary and face-to-face Workshop

If you have a login, please click on the link LearnMRR Portal