An informed viewpoint

Client Feedback


 “Congratulations on the construction and content of the LMRR training product, very well received here”

“A sincere thank you to you Suzette from me and from all of us here – the board, as well as all other staff that had contact with you, were universal in their appreciation of your diligence and your approach generally. We have found it a valuable experience all around.”

 “I should like to thank you for the training you delivered to us this morning. I found the session most helpful and informative. We particularly liked the references you made to our own policies, procedures and controls and to our BRA, which helped to give context.”

“Thank you for the corporate governance review work you have done for us and for presenting your conclusions so clearly, it is much appreciated. Personally I am delighted we asked you to review this aspect of our operation, amongst other things it will enable enhanced board performance which is something we strive to achieve.”

“I have spoken to my colleagues following the training session provided by you and we are all in agreement that it was very useful indeed. Generally everyone felt that the informality of the session put them at their ease …. Being a small company this worked well for us.”

“Chris has provided our business with a great deal of assistance over a period of time.  He is always available if not at our offices and has been the ultimate in professional assistance.  His knowledge on his specialty subject is always up to date.”

“I would personally like to thank you for all the help and support you provided to us and to me specifically. There were some quite difficult issues which you dealt with showing great skill and professionalism.  From my perspective LMRR have delivered on everything we expected and more.”

Investment firms

“It was a very good presentation, I especially liked the way it was delivered, this made people think about the subject and ask questions which I believe showed without doubt that the subject was being taken seriously and the information was been absorbed”

“Thank you for providing the team with relevant and bespoke training. The feedback was very positive and everybody found it to be very worthwhile. Important key messages were taken away and consequences were very clearly highlighted.”

“… a rare combination of an expert in the field of regulatory compliance and risk who also possesses excellent communication skills … able to quickly understand our needs and always delivers great results on time. A pleasure to work with.”

“The business and I were very grateful for your support through that time … it certainly got people thinking and acting in the right way which ensured a smooth visit took place with a positive outcome.”

“Thank you for the session last night.  You can tell from the lively feedback/debate that we found it very useful and interesting.”

“Thank you for the Annual Regulatory Review ... We have found it a very useful exercise and it has certainly allowed us to review our business in some depth.  We are pleased that the outcome has been so constructive to our business.”

Lawyers, accountants and tax advisers

“We are very happy indeed with LMRR both from the perspective of their knowledge, responsiveness and, importantly, their commerciality. I haven’t yet been involved in a compliance issue with LMRR where I have questioned their commerciality and I have been impressed by them”

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for the excellent training sessions .... We have had some really positive feedback, saying that the sessions were pitched at the right level, made the information relevant through the fact you had read our manual and understood our business and used lots of practical examples.”

“Thank you for all your pragmatic and common sense support”

“It has been a genuine pleasure to work with you, and you’ve been a great positive for our business in the last 13 months.  We have come a long way during that time – in no small part thanks to your input and guidance along the way.  I have no hesitation in recommending your services as it has been a great fit”


“I felt that the training and assessment were highly relevant, well conducted, and very well documented. The summative assessment relative to the training objectives is particularly valuable. A very worthwhile process.”

“I would like to put on record the extremely professional, helpful and prompt attention given to this ... I have little doubt that we will have cause to come knocking on your door in the future.”

“I would like to thank you and the team for a great effort and a job well done.”

“...thank you for your recent assistance with regards to the GFSC Investment Division on-site. Your in-depth knowledge of the GFSC and the interpretation of what was required ... were invaluable and we are very grateful for your help and advice.”

“We have used Chris Le Marchant to provide a challenge for our regulatory work and for advice in regulatory matters. We have found him to be very professional and thorough in this work.  We have no hesitation in recommending him to others for similar work in his extensive range of experience.”

“Thank you so much for yesterday – I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and personally took a lot away from the training. I have made several notes of things I will do in future. You were great and made it feel a very safe environment for everyone to join in the discussion and the anecdotal stories are always useful to make it more real.”

Estate agents

“Thank you so much for your help, it’s all been extremely painless which is quite something when it comes to AML procedures!”